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Established in 2001, Easton Judo Club teaches people of all ages ranging from 6 to 60. You can learn in a friendly, safe environment. We believe Judo can be enjoyed by everyone.

The club is governed by the British Judo Council (Martial Arts Circle) which was formed in 1968 by Mr. Kenshiro Abbe, 8th Dan Judo and a 6th or 7th Dan in many other Japanese martial arts.

You may be interested to know that Mr. Abbe, the son of a Kendo master (Japanese Swordsman), trained at the Butokukai in Kyoto which, was the main rival of and usually the victor over, the Kodokan in Tokyo. He won the Open Weight at the World Championship, the All Japan Championship, three times.

Today, Mr. Abbe’s teachings live on through the generations of students that have followed.


Judo is a sport that brings many benefits. These benefits can not only help to better your physical health but also you mental wellbeing.


Through learning Judo students will :

  1. Develop physical fitness
  2. Grow in strength and flexibility
  3. Increase speed and agility
  4. Develop greater endurance
  5. Develop good static and dynamic balance
  6. Improve reaction time
  7. Develop excellent coordination


Through Judo students will learn:

  1. To control their feelings, emotions, and impulses
  2. About the nature of competition
  3. How to overcome their fears
  4. How to show courage in the face of pressure or fear
  5. The value of a solid work ethic
  6. Valuable social skills
  7. To build meaningful relationships with others